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The Half Moon is the longest established inn in the parish of Clayhidon. The first records show a licence was granted to Thomas Salter in 1787. Next to St Andrews church, it was probably built originally as a cottage for stone masons to live in while they built the church in the 13th Century, and this ecclesiastical connection has continued in a totally unique way.

At some stage two cottages were converted into one. But the original path between them is still a church right of way into St Andrews. The open archway was covered in during the 1850's so a function room could be built across it, but until 1917 the pathway through the arch was the only way to the church.

Now there are two other entrances and the one through the middle of the pub is only used once a year, with a church procession on Rogation Sunday.

The function room has been the centre of parish life and was used for annual harvest suppers until the school closed and became a parish hall.

The Half Moon hit the headlines in 1993 when it sold its former outdoor toilets for conversion to a dwelling house. Agents called it the loo with a view, as it looked over the car park to the valley beyond from the other side of the road. A 250 year old former cobblers house, it is now a house again.

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12:00pm - 3:00pm(Food Orders 12:00-2.30pm)

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